Inspire a love of math…




Color coded

Five Books, Five concepts


Decorate a treasure chest

Gather Jewels

Act out the Characters


Three Activity Packets
Over 100 Pages
Sprinkled with humor and creativity

Meet the cast

  • Polly Plus is proper and nice, she adds the jewels and is very precise.

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  • Linus Minus, an adorable mess, starts with more and ends with less.

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  • Tina Times discovers the trick, that counting in groups can make adding quick.

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  • King David Divide is kind-hearted and wise, sharing jewels evenly is what he decides.

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Five books, three activity packets

The downloadable activity packets
contain 100+ activities.

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Also included: three activity packets
with 100+ activities.

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Download a PDF file for five books.
Print, trim and assemble.


Back to school special, includes the three activity packets. The downloadable activity packets contain 100+ activities.

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What people say . . .

Arithmetic Village was a hit with both my boys, and I’m sure that many, many other families will enjoy it as well.Colleen
A great, hands-on, real world based, creative, and fun way to teach the basics of math, even for someone like me who admits to not liking math.Enchanting homeschooling mom
My children, ages 5, 7, and 9, have chosen to read these delightful stories again and again. Yes, even the nine-year old boy enjoys them! Shannon
These books are a long lasting purchase. The rhythm and rhyme of the books makes it delightful to read and easy to remember.Richelle
Loving your curriculum, and the effect it’s having on my Sunday night lesson planning.Erin
The stories are short and sweet but memorable and my children ran with the concept. They played with the whole idea and spent the day counting, subtracting or losing gems.Renelle
I love this fun way to bring math to life for young kids.Melissa
The activities are simple but have some complex mathematical concepts! My six year old son really enjoys the series.Nancy

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