IMG_20140507_103800If you haven’t noticed, I am not as highly motivated as amazing bloggers and professional social media gurus who go out and sell their books. They twitter, facebook, put up daily videos, have radio shows and speaking engagements. I admire them. I love watching them, and I know that I am not one of them. I’m more reserved and sensitive in nature. I’m easily distracted and I go with the flow. It is one of the reasons I created a reserved, sensitive math program.

The purpose of creating Arithmetic Village was to ensure my daughters never experienced the math anxiety which I experienced.  (But Math is not my true passion. My true passion is Early Childhood Education.)

If you know me or ever followed my personal blog, you’ll know that my family comes first. This will always remain true. But recently, I’ve noticed that my passion for early childhood has been taking the place of my energy for Arithmetic Village.

I reflected on my life and decided that I can’t do everything and I needed to choose.

It didn’t take me long to choose Arithmetic Village.

I am very committed to ensure children have access to that different approach. I’ve set up an new home office (courtesy of my college daughter who moved out – don’t worry darling the guest room is made up!) This way, I don’t have to leave the house to a cafe or beach to focus.

Instantly, I’ve felt invigorated. I’ve booked a hall for an after school program and am creating new board games to share.

I love that the word discipline comes from the root word “disciple”. For that’s what I feel like in this journey. And it still brings me great joy!