In order to respect the unique learning journey of each child, and to avoid early discouragement, I do not make hard and fast recommendations of ages and grades.

The packets are not in book form so the grown up can manage distribution of the activities as each child demonstrates readiness.

If a child starts the program confident with double digit addition and subtraction, it’s still good to offer the first book.

It’s fun to feel successful. It also introduces humor and is lighthearted and practicing as building blocks. in order to respect the reality that each child is on their own learning journey.

Yes, please read them all. Math concepts work together. It’s very important to have a firm grounding with place value before you master multiplication. It’s also important that children understand the CONCEPT of multiplication before memorising the times tables. Memorising and rote learning does play an important role in mathematics, but if a child does not know how to show WHY 6 x 6 = 36, then they do not really KNOW their times tables.
Introducing the CONCEPTS of multiplication and division early, with younger children, helps reinforce the concepts in a gentle, non threatening way.

Yes! Well, we can’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do 🙂 but we can tell you from experience, that children LOVE to decorate their own treasure chests!

One little boy attending Arithmetic Village workshops used to sleep with his treasure chest. Another girl approached me when she was 12 and said she still had the treasure chest from when she was nine.

Physical manipulatives are an important part of building comprehension for MOST people. I prefer glass jewels and having children make their own felt bags. This added activity also creates a sense of ownership and accomplishment.

You might notice that it is very rare for Arithmetic Village to offer a sale. The truth is since each book is made in the USA on demand, the website price is wholesale.

I am currently looking for a publisher or toy company to print and distribute Arithmetic Village as a kit or ipad apps!

To be fair, it is a bit fidly and the books are smaller than the printed version. If you want to save the money, then have a look at this video to see how the process looks. Print your Own – on Youtube