Introducing Rover…

The concept of the remainder is a simple one! Every person understands fairness. Through Arithmetic Village, children understand it is King David’s job to be exactly fair all of the time. They also understand that sometimes that can’t happen. Sometimes there is something left over. That’s why I invented Rover, a lucky dog who gets all of the leftovers. I find that Adults can stress out about this concept more than children as they struggle with their math anxiety from their own childhoods. Embrace the cute puppy, it’s simple, it is just a little math… Enjoy week 42!!!

That’s why he has Rover, a lucky dog who gets all of the leftover jewels. I find that Adults can sometimes stress out about the concept of the remainder and put it off, only introducing division problems which can be solved simply.  I say to introduce it as soon as it comes up, and it is bound to come up early in life. How many people to how many cookies? Usually, every family has a Rover in these instances. (In our family it is James 🙂 ) So introduce the puppy early and simply, math supposed to be fun. (And yes, I know King David’s head is chopped off a bit in this download, I was trying to be artsy 🙂 )  Enjoy week 42!!!


Introducing remainder weekly freebie