Simple Sacks.

mary <3This is Mary.

Out of all the characters in Arithmetic Village, this sweet child wanted to be Mary, the tailor. Well, why wouldn’t she? “She sews sturdy sacks in her wee little den, they are crafted with care so they each can fit ten!”.  This little girl was very taken by Mary and had heaps of questions about who she was and how many children she had and if I knew her husband’s name. Really 🙂  Luckily, I had inspiration for Mary, so my answers came swiftly.

Unlike Mary, I don’t sew. Ok, I do sew on the occasional button, but that is all. My beautiful oldest daughter sews. She is creative and handy and practical. She also is far away studying at University. Luckily she left her sewing machine behind. I desperately needed to figure out how to work this machine because it was up to me to sew 100 sacks. Yes, 100 sacks for 10 homeschool friends of my daughter.

So, what did I do? I looked up the tutorials on my own site of course and I discovered that the links were not working or useless!  So, I decided that I will share my own personal journey in hopes that others will benefit.

First things first, you will need some materials : Fabric, string ribbon, and thread.

*A note about fabric, I used felt. I love the way felt feels and it is super easy to sew. Most importantly, it does not need to be hemmed! If you are really good as sewing, you may wish to pick satin or silk or anything other than felt. But for me, a domestically challenged sort, do yourself a favor choose felt. 🙂

felt rectangle1. Measure the fabric. You will need to find the size by gathering the jewels you plan to use. The sack will need to fit 10 jewels, no more no less. Of course you could always squeeze an extra in but when finished, the sack should close nicely and comfortably fit 10 jewels. I simple cut a rectangle shape, so I could fold it in half.

sew side2. Sew up the sides. You can do this with machine or by hand. Children can also do it.

thread ribbon3. Put the jewels in it and see where they sit. Bunch up the sack to see where to place slits for the ribbon. Cut 8 or 10 slits, make sure they are somewhat even.

4. Thread the ribbon through the holes.

5. Fill and tie!

Viola! See how easy and simple this is? Now do it nine more times 🙂