Terrific Tina

Tina-TimesPresenting Tina Times is always my excuse to wear fancy boots. I even brought sunglasses this time, to be extra, extra cool. I’m not so sure the children were impressed, but it increased my confidence when faced with the  tough crowd of eight skeptical 6-9 year olds.

This time we decided to do a puppet show and act out the book while I read.. It was relatively simple. The props were easy to create with some little jewels and a glue gun. For some of the props I was at a bit of a loss, like the cats. I would have loved to create some little needle felt kittens and glue jewels on the paws, but I was short on time. So, I cheated. I simply put the book on my trusty scanner and printed out some pages of Tina Times, I glued the pictures to a more solid background (cereal box) and made little paper doll stands. I was very happy with the result!king-david1

After the book was acted out with puppets,  we asked the children if they saw any groups within the room. I must admit, I felt a bit panicked, but the children caught on and had some brilliant answers. Each chair had four legs. Each painting on the walls had three clouds. Each window had four corners. Really, children are brilliant, we just forget to engage and trust them sometimes.

Then we decided to go outside for a walk. I reiterated that Tina only counts with GROUPS she is quick and impatient that way. We found clovers, leaves, flowers, bikes with two wheels, etc.

propsWhen we returned, we played “restaurant”  by using the bowls to fill out our multiplication chart. Then played “garden” with putting jewels in rows.  This allows children to see groups of jewels in a circular manner and linear formation.

It was a full on day playing with multiplication and I was sad to finally take off the boots.

Over the term we will meet again to work with art projects for each multiplication group. I’ll keep you posted 🙂