2017 Weekly Activity Sheets!

This year, I want to contribute something good to the world. And what is better than helping children understand math in a gentle, engaging way? So every week, we will share one page of the Arithmetic Village activity books to use and share for free! It is just a little taster. If you are too impatient to wait the two or three years it will take to complete the series, you can always purchase a download (it is still on special.) Happiest of New Years to you all!

I will start with Polly Plus’  number line. It is straightforward and a gentle introduction to how to use number lines. Some children are drawn to this linear work and some are not. Even if this is not your child’s cup of tea, this page is quick and simple. The concept can also be played out with chalk on a sidewalk or with a stick in the sand. Arithmetic Village believes in finding what ever works for your child and keep it simple. 🙂 Love, Kimberly