A quick reminder for mothers everywhere..

A gentle reminder on mother’s day..

When countless surveys ask older people what they would tell their younger selves, the overwhelming response is “Relax”. I think this holds especially true with mothering. Lean into the trust that just like breastmilk, you are the perfect mum to the children who have chosen to come to you. Trust your instincts, trust your responses, and be gentle with yourself when you might (in your estimation) come up short.

Know that children are naturally resilient, they are naturally forgiving.

In days like these when there is so much pressure to be the perfect mother, so much scrutiny and opinion! Remember that you just being you, being authentically you, is not just enough, but trust it is actually perfect.

Carry forgiveness for you faults, a sense of humor for the universe’s plans and an extra spattering of kindness and throw it to YOU as well as the other carers you see walking a similar path.

Role modelling being a relaxed, authentic parent is the biggest gift you can give (not only to yourself) but those around you.

Blessings, blessings, blessings on your mothering journey,