Arithmetic Village Chalk Game

little ones gameI’ve played this game a couple of different ways. It is always fun and always keeps a bunch of kids happy while practicing some basic math skills!



One die with three sides yellow, three sides blue (or three sides with a – and three sides with a +)

Two regular dice

Children (necessary)

1. Have a child draw a castle in the middle of a large space. (Driveways or school asphalt work perfectly)

2. Each child then draws 20 circles from the castle away from the castle. They need to be big enough to stand on. It works best if they all go in different directions and you keep groups down to around 5 people.

3. Decide who starts first.

4. They roll the die. You take the bigger number first  and either add or subtract the second number depending on whether the colored die is blue (for Linus Minus) or yellow (for Polly Plus).

The first child to the castle waits to welcome everyone else. (Arithmetic Village is Co-operative 😉 )

* Another variation- put a jewel on the path, if they land on it, they can roll twice!

* Extra bonus- even the most active children stay still when they are the marker in a game!

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