Coloring in

People who know me well, know that I am not a “color in the lines’ type of person. I much prefer open ended art activities and intentionally shielded my children from coloring books until they were six or seven. But THEN I had my 3rd child, who just so happens to LOVE COLORING in! This sent me into a sort of a hyperventilating panic. Trying to steer her away from pre-printed pictures usually just backfired. I learned to just roll with it and to make sure that the goal was to have fun and enjoy the process of what ever she was experiencing. I learned to also relax a bit.

When I developed pages to accompany Arithmetic Village, I hesitated to add the color in pages, but then I remembered my daughter. I also remembered that pages like this made my math journey much more FUN. So, I added a color in page for every concept.

My goal is to create enough material that every child has at least a little something that resonates with them. It is up to the parents or teachers discretion what that activity may be. Here is the activity for Linus Minus.


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