If you love something… set it free.

I love Arithmetic Village. I really do. I know, I know, I’m supposed to love it because I wrote it. But in my reality, it wrote itself. It came to me and wouldn’t leave me alone until was written, illustrated, printed and followed by activities. I know Arithmetic Village could be more, it’s just that “more” isn’t coming to me and it hasn’t for a long time.

While I’m laying everything out there, I have a confession. I thought Arithmetic Village would make a lot of money. I thought a publisher would jump on the opportunity to print, develop and distribute this genius. I KNOW that every self-published author thinks this too, but I thought I was special.

The reality of life is that we are all trying to do the best we can with what we have. We have families and dreams and obligations. I’ve been working more outside the home lately and the time and enthusiasm I have to invest into Arithmetic Village has dwindled. As life moves on, the question of what to do with Arithmetic Village always sits with me.  Then I hear this little whisper and my head and my heart have a little argument. My impulse from my heart is to let Arithmetic Village go freely into the world for personal use. I think it is time to listen to my heart!

So, if you’d like to try a math supplement that is a little more gentle and a little more creative,  download the books and activities and have a little more fun. If you feel inspired to donate a little money to thank me for my time, I’d appreciate it, although knowing that a few more children love maths brings me great joy.

The link is next to the buy now books on the front page. (Sorry, you still have to buy the bound books if you want them, they are expensive to manufacture ethically in the US. 🙂 )

Please share around with friends and family you think will appreciate Arithmetic Village and all its goodness!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the beautiful people I have met on this journey thus far!