Lonely books….


One Arithmetic Village book is like one potato chip. Or one tea-cup. Or one tennis ball. It is hard to eat one chip, or have a tea party with one cup and learn to play tennis with one ball. The books are meant to be sold together.

They why, you might ask, did I write the books separately? Why didn’t I just put them all together into one book?

Well, because it is a set that is meant to be USED separately.  Children (people) automatically want to get to the end of something. So if they read Polly plus, its nice to stop and do some activities. If they see Linus is next, they will want to race ahead.

When I host workshops, we focus on a book a week. The time spent on each book could be shorter or longer depending on the child.  Advanced math students might find Polly and Linus simple, but they are a part of the bigger picture of math, so it is still important to read the stories even if they will spend very little time solidifying those concepts.

My original plan was to have the set sold together in a box with a treasure chests and jewels. This type of product is much bigger than one person.  It also involves shipping around the world and choosing the materials for other people. It’s a big job, one that I’m not up for. It also involves choice in materials I think is better left to the parent.

So for now,  the books are on offer with free activities. That’s the best I can do.

So buy the set, the books simply don’t make much sense on their own.  Plus it’s cheaper!

Enjoy reading all five with a friend! 😉