Math Links!

Happy New Year from Arithmetic Village! We hope 2011 is the year more children are introduced gently to math concepts and more parents and teachers share and collaborate their ideas and lesson plans.

In that spirit, here are some wonderful links which support learning Mathematics…


My Tutor- Maths Tips, tricks and online tools

Math Teachers at Play

Let’s play Math

Math by Hand!

Natural Math

The Math Forum

Fabulous way to teach fractions..

The Math Shack

Math Teacher Life

Mathematics and Multimedia

Great links from Richmond

Joyful Learner

Love2learn2day math Library List

Maths is Fun!

Thinking Math

Math games for the Elementary Classroom

Homeschool Math Blog

Huge collection of Math Blogs

John Fong and Learn Game

Cubico Math Game

Math Insider

Keeping Mathematics Simple

Sir Cumference series

ipad, iphone ipod applications:


Interactive sites for teachers:

We teach, we Learn

We Teach

Making Curriculum Pop

Math videos:

Learning upgrade

Schoolhouse rock

For older children, please click over to Danica McKellar and learn about her best selling books!

Please feel free to add more!