Open ended art

For each book, I add a page for open ended artistic expression. I wanted to offer an opportunity within a mathematic experience for children to think outside of the box, express themselves and express a feeling about each of the four processes. I also love that while drawing, it is impossible to be “wrong”.

I particularly like the Linus sheet because it is intended to integrate a bit of gratitude. During my workshops, at the end of each Linus Lesson, we go around in a circle and each person says what they do not want to lose. Some children talk about their pets, some talk about their toys, others talk about their families or grandparents. It can be moving and funny. No matter what is expressed, everyone feels a little bit more grateful for their lives, during math time. Goodness all around.  Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.27.38 pm