Polly Plus

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of seat work. I believe children (people) learn more deeply being outdoors and experiencing concepts first hand. Which is why I encourage scavenger hunts for jewels outside as a way to learn math. I’m also a fan of chalk. I love it. Board games and scenes are at your fingertips with simply one color of chalk.

Some children love seat work. Some educators also need a bit of direction after reading Polly Plus. This is why I have come up with the Polly Plus activity pack.

I’ve tried to incorporate fun activities. I’ve also tried to incorporate a bit of explanation here and there to help understand the concepts of carrying and re-grouping. Please know that these activities can also be done outside, on a chalkboard, with dolls, puppets and with friends.

imgresIf your child glazes over, please back up and go outside to practice collecting jewels. That’s all they need to know at a very young age. Adding is putting two groups together. Loving math and having fun with it is FAR more important than adding triple digits before they are ready. If you see any changes I can make, please let me know.


[See The Grand Plan post for an update on this activity pack]