To know multiplication is to love multiplication…

I think the most important part of learning math, is being introduced to new concepts gently. When people hurridly show math equations on paper, to most of us, it does not make sense right away, hence the high rate of math anxiety that has plagued so many of us.

Arithmetic Village’s goal is to introduce each concept gently and fully so learners have a deep understanding and delightful confidence around thinking mathematically.

That is why I include an open-ended art activity for every concept.You have to think about the concept of multiplication before you know what you would like to multiply. There are no wrong answers. Trucks are an answer, cookies are an answer, love is always an answer. 🙂

Now I just need to figure out how the heck I am going to draw tolerance……

(And of course, you don’t really need to download this page, you can use blank pages in any size, shape and color that you choose! This one is for those following the program fully and like to keep the color association of red and Tina Times with multiplying.)

Like always, there are 100 ways to do everything. Choose what brings you the most joy!


Drawing exercise – multiplication